Friday, September 4, 2009

Lets get this book published

This book has been ready for over a year but due to financial difficulties I have been unable to go forward with this project. However, any financial contributions would be  greatly appreciated.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Chapter 4

Chapter 4



Shan:            AJ….AJ…AJ come on, get up!

 AJ:      What time is it?

Shan:    It’s 7:03am and we got to get ready for school.

AJ:       What’s the rush?

Shan:    My parents love you but I don’t think they’ll understand us fucking in

            there basement.

AJ:       How they going to know what we did? They’ll probably think I just crashed over.

Shan:    Nigga, we ain’t got know clothes on and it smells like sex down here!

AJ:       You got a point; where’s my draws?

Shan:    They’re over on the coach.

AJ:       I’m not complaining or anything but I thought you were gay?

Shan:    First thing, I ain’t gay. I like dick too. Second, that weed made me horny as hell

            and you happened to be around and third, you looked some good pussy might

            clear your head. And I’m a friend to the mother-fucking end.

AJ:       Lol! Well you know I could go for some head right now.

Shan:    Nigga don’t play with me. Go take a shower; you stink. I’ma clean the room up.

Shan’s mom:            Shan! Are you down there?

Shan:    Yeah mama!

Shan’s mom:            Your father thought he heard a boy down there.

Shan:    Nawl mama, that’s the tv!

Shan’s mom:            I told you papa! Shan was just watching tv.

Shan’s dad:            I heard a boy down there and I’m going down there and check.

Shan:    Nawl daddy, don’t come down here I’m getting dressed.

Shan’s dad:            Shan you got a boy down there?

Shan:    Nawl daddy, I was watching tv.

Shan’s dad:            I don’t want any boys down there.

Shan:    Daddy you’re being paranoid! Go back upstairs with mama.

Shan’s dad:            Ok baby. You hurry up and get ready. You’re going to be late for


Shan:    AJ, you ready?

AJ:       Yeah.

Shan:    Take my car and I’ll ride with Silky-T and Tone Low. After ya’ll get out school

us at Simeon.

AJ:       Ight, I’ma go before your dad comes back down here.

Shan:    AJ!

AJ:       What’s up?

Shan:    Don’t tell Nate and them shit.

AJ:       Shan I don’t kiss and tell…. But sex is a different thing. I’m out!


It was crazy. Me and Shan just slept together and we acted like it wasn’t a big deal. I wonder if she had real feelings for me or was it just a one-time thing. I can’t even be thinking about this right now. I got to figure out what to do about this Richie thing. How is this motherfucker going to get back at us? Was Jay behind this shit like the fellas said? Maybe he … nawl that can’t even be a factor.. My brother wouldn’t send Richie at me. Would he?


Nate:    AJ what up!

AJ:       What up.

Clay:    AJ, why you got on the same clothes from last night?

AJ:       I didn’t have time to change; I crashed at Shan’s house.

Clay:    Ya’ll stay down the street from each other you couldn’t make it to your house?

            What were ya’ll doing fucking or something? … Ya’ll did fuck! Didn’t ya’ll?

AJ:       Man, get that shit out of here.

Clay:    Dude, I can’t tell when your lying. Ya’ll fucked, didn’t ya’ll? …

AJ:       Man, yeah.

Clay:    I knew it! I knew it!

AJ:       Get off it! We got high and fucked. It ain’t shit.

Clay:    Bullshit! You had some shit on your mind and Sugar Shan gave you some of that

sweet pussy to help clear your head.

AJ:       Hey Clay, you feel like walking?

Clay:    Stop playing cuz.

AJ:       Cousin or no cousin, if you don’t let this shit go, you going to be walking.

Nate:    Yeah, and he going to get Shan to spank you.

Group:  Lol!

AJ:       Ya’ll fools crazy. Fuck all that dumb shit, we got to get our minds right. We

            going to meet up after school, so don’t be on some other shit and if ya’ll  see

            Richie or any of his crew let me know. He might try to kick up something.

Nate:    Are we late for school?

AJ:       Yeah but only thirty minutes.

Nate:    Cool! I didn’t feel like going to first period. My teacher be getting on my fucking

            nerves! I’m going to knock his ass.

AJ:       Fuck that shit, ya’ll just be on the look out.

Clay:    Alright kid, we out.



I didn’t know what to think about anymore. I didn’t know if I should be thinking about last night with me and Shan or should I be worried about this Richie situation. This shit had me spaced out through four of my classes. With all this shit on my mind for some reason in my sixth period class, I starting thinking about that girl on the train last night. What was her name?… Damn I can’t remember. What’s this in my pocket? It’s the card I gave her last night. Sharese must’ve slipped it back in my pock. That’s her name Sharese! She wrote something on the back of the card. “Step up your game”. This girl got me to smile. I couldn’t think about anything else now but her. Princess… This girl could


Intercom:            Adam Johnson, please come to the main office. Adam Johnson, please

                        come to the main office.


I already knew what they wanted. I just didn’t know what they already knew.




Assistant:            AJ, you can go in.

Principle:            Mr. Johnson, come in and have a seat. They’re a couple of detectives

   here to see you; a detective Monroe and a detective Freeman.

Freeman:            Adam Johnson, your James Johnson a.k.a. “Jay Rip” little brother?

Monroe:            Yeah, you’re little Jay.

AJ:       That ain’t my name!

Monroe:            I remember you now! You were at your brother’s trial. You’re the reason

                        he got off on that murder charge; with that bullshit testimony you gave.

Freeman:            Now you’re running with your brother’s crew, putting bodies on the street.

AJ:       I don’t know what ya’ll talking about.

Monroe:            Yeah, you do little Jay. You know exactly what we’re talking about.

AJ:       I told you that’s not my fucking name!

Principle:            Watch your language Mr. Johnson!

AJ:       Fuck that shit! You letting these crooked ass cops interrupt my education to

try and intimidate me in school and the you’re telling me to watch my language?

Fuck you! I know how this shit goes; if ya’ll got something on me then take me

in, if not, then stop wasting my time. The ACT’s are in two weeks and I don’t

have time for this bullshit.

Freeman:            You’re right AJ, we don’t have anything on you yet, so we’ll stop wasting

                        your time but when we find something, you’ll be doing sometime.

AJ:       Nice line. How long you practice it?

Monroe:            We’re watching you little Jay.

AJ:       Alright, bitch so you admitted to watching school boys. Fucking Pedi filler!

Principle:            Alright detectives, school is in progress so you’re going to have to leave

 if that is all. Mr. Johnson, you may go back to your class.



I thought cops were supposed to be smarter than that. Try to scare me into a phony confession, wouldn’t work on me. Shit, I don’t think that shit would work on anyone in this neighborhood. Nawl, they had a different reason for being here. Somebody put these mother fuckers on me. Richie is stepping up his game. I didn’t expect some shit this smart from his ass. Something doesn’t seem right about this shit.



Nate:    AJ! … AJ!

AJ:       What’s up?

Nate:    You got to see this shit!

AJ:       What are you talking about?

Nate:    Over here, look out the window! Somebody fucked Richie up.

Clay:    Damn! It looked like they went to work on that nigga.

Nate:    Yo kid, why them cops looking up at you?

AJ:       They just finished questioning me on that last night shit. Now they probably

            thinking I got something to do with this shit.. Ya’ll two didn’t do this shit, did


Clay:    Nawl, we been in class all day.

AJ:       You think Shan and them did this shit?

Nate:    I just talked to Tone Low on the phone five minutes ago. They’ve been in class

            too. They couldn’t have done it.

AJ:       So who the fuck did this shit?

Nate:    You think Jay did it? You know making up for not have your back last night.

AJ:       Why would he put that shit on display at my school though? Would he put that

            heat on me on purpose? Fuck it, let’s go back to class. We’ll talk about this shit

            later at the spot.



This shit, had my mind all fucked up. Did Jay really do this shit? Why would he do it? No, I refuse to believe he’ll do this to his little brother. There’s got to be another reason for all this shit. Something I haven’t thought of…but what?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chapter 3” rel=”me”>Technorati Profile

Chapter 3


After my little growing up session, I snapped out of my shock and we all took off running down the block with the crown.


Nate:    Slow down Shan.

Shan:    We got to keep moving

Tone:    We ran eight blocks! If we keep running the cops going to think we did


Nate:    We did do something…..

Shan:    No! We didn’t do shit! You got that Nate?!

Nate:    Yeah…

Shan:    Stop acting like this is your first time.

Nate:    We never killed anybody in public before.

Shan:    It’ll be cool, trust me. You alright AJ?

AJ:            …………..!

Shan:    AJ.

AJ:            ……………..!

Shan:    AJ!

AJ:            Yeah…I’m alright.

Silk:      Ya’ll think AJ going to be able to handle this?

AJ:       Silky, I said I’m alright! Just drop that shit!

Shan:    Yeah Silky, you know baby boy going to be cool. He just got to clear his head. We

            all been there before. Hey Nate light one up so we can calm our nurves.

Clay:    It was kind of crazy Richie stepped to AJ.

Nate:    Why you say that?

Clay:     Because swooo…swooo…swooo… fwww…. AJ whopped Richie’s Ass last

            week. Why Richie wait until tonight to make a move, when he knew Jay was in

            the club?

Tone:    Yeah, that is weird. Richie wouldn’t fuck AJ unless he knew Jay wasn’t going to

do shit.

Silk:      Why would Jay let that happen?

Nate:    Well AJ did talk to Jay tonight.

AJ:       Nate, shut the fuck up!

Shan:    Hey just calm down on that shit ya’ll! We all know Jay would let that hit go

            down. Richie just grew some balls tonight, so just chill on that shit. Here baby

            boy, hit this.

AJ:       Swwwwwwwwwww……………..Fwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..

Shan:    Damn nigga, you trying to get fucked up! Don’t worry about tonight AJ, I’m

going to make you feel better.


I didn’t say to much the rest of the night. The more I smoked the less I cared about that fallen soldier.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Nate:    Ya’ll think he bounce?


  Door open

Clay:    What took ya’ll so long? My boss was tripping about me standing here to


AJ:       Be easy cuz, we here. Who all in here tonight?

Clay:    The Stones in here deep. I saw Vice Lords got a big number in here. The BD’s

            came in about five minutes ago. I saw some GD’s walking around. I saw some of

            four corner hustlers by the bar. Your brother and his crew over at there booth and

            Jay told me to tell you he wanted you to come over to his booth to talk to him

            about something.

AJ:       alright, I kind of figure he would. Nate, roll over there with me.

Shan:    Baby boy, we going to checking out the booty in mother fucker.

AJ:       alright, I’ll find ya’ll.


My brother Jay’s is head of one the toughest gang’s in the Chi “The Rips”. Ever since I was a shawty, I’ve been under his protection. I’m the only one in my crew who hasn’t had to kill a nigga to prove himself because every one’s been to afraid what my brother might do. Some how I still have the respect of the streets and my brother knows that and has been trying to get me and my crew to join up with his.

Jay:      AJ, get your pooh butt ass over here and show me some love.

AJ:       What up Jay!

Jay:      What took your ass so long to get in the club.

AJ:       You know that CTA be moving slow as shit.

Jay:      Why you ride the bus little brother, you know I got you. You should’ve hit me

            up,  we would’ve got you.

AJ:       It’s cool Jay, you know I had to roll with my crew any way.

Jay:      I hear that little brother, you got to stand by your crew. Loyal to the end; that’s

            why I like you little AJ. I’ve been hearing a lot about you crew lately. The Cold

            Front Soldiers trying make a name for ya’ll selves. Ya’ll got some heavy hitters

            nerves about ya’ll.

AJ:       Yeah they be talking

Jay:      Yeah and there talking got me thing. I your crew joined my crew, we cold talk the

            south side with ease little bro.

 AJ:      Dude, I would lose all respect if I bow down to you. I won’t just be little Jay;

            They’ll be calling me Jays little bitch.

Jay:      AJ, I’m talking about a merger, not a take over. Do you know what a merger is?

AJ:       Yeah, I do, I’m just surprised your dumb ass knows what it mean. Didn’t you

            drop out of school?

Jay:      Yeah I dropped out. That’s because I’m to smart for that textbook shit. But I’m

            serious little brother; an equal partnership. You and me running the Rips and you

            five generals will keep there rank. This is the time little brother. Ever since we

            were kids we wanted a better life. We can take this city little brother.

AJ:       What about Markus? I thought he was your number two. Won’t he been pissed if

            I started ordering that nigga around?

Jay:      Markus is cool but he’s to sloppy. This dumb mother fucker would shoot first and

            think later. If someone takes me out I need somebody who could keep this crew

            strong. Someone my people would get behind. Plus you family little bro, I know I

            could trust you.

AJ:       I don’t know Jay. I got to think about it.

Jay:      What’s to think about little bro.

AJ:       I just don’t know

Jay:      alright little bro, just think about it. I don’t want to stop you from having fun.

            Will talk about this later

AJ:       alright Jay I’ll holler at you later.

AJ walks away

Jay:      I’m going to get AJ to join. He just got to see how hard the streets can be without

his big brother’s shadow over him. Markus, I want you to handle that for me.

Mark:   Alright Jay

Back with AJ

Silky:    AJ, what was Jay talking about?

AJ:       Just some dumb shit; I’ll fill you in on it later. Where Shan and them go?

Silky:    Shan, Tone Low, and Nate are on the dance floor and Clay is at the bar talking

            to some hoes. Aw yeah Riche and his crew is in this mother fucker, looking for


AJ:       I guess he still pissed from last week.

Silk:      You some shit going to pop off?

AJ:       I don’t think that nigga going to do nothing. I already beat his ass once and he

            knows Jay is in here.

Silk:      I don’t know, he don’t look like he want to talk.

AJ:       Alright, go get Shan and them.

Silk:      Alright.

Richie is apart of this lame as crew called the knuckleheads. This dude is so fucking lame that he calls him self T-Smooth. This nigga name don’t even start with a “T”. Last week Nate and Richie were doing a free style rap battle and he got mad cause Nate was clowning his lame ass. So he start throwing punches at Nate and I came across and punched Richie in the jaw. I guess he wants to talk about that some more.

Rich:    AJ! Hey bitch, I know you hear me! You didn’t think I was going to let that shit


AJ:       Watch who you calling bitch. I see you got your courage back. Come on then

            Richie, you going to stand there barking all night or you do something? Buck if

            you got it!

After I said that, one of Richie’s boys pulled out a sawed of Shawty out of his coat and started to aim it at me. Before he got the gun up to my chest, Shan came out the crowd from his right with her nine and


Tone:    AJ come on!

Silky:    AJ we got to go!

I couldn’t move. Tone Low and Silky-T were pulling me but I couldn’t take my eye’s off that lifeless corps. This was the first time I saw somebody get killed. My brother and my crew always kept me from seeing shit like this. That lifeless body took my last piece of innocence with it.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chapter 1” rel=”me”>Technorati Profile

AJ:       It’s fucking cold out here! Hey Nate, where them niggas at?

Nate:    Don’t sweat it AJ, they’ll be here.

AJ:       Man you know I don’t like being late. Clay can’t keep the back door open all

Night. How we going to get in the club, if we can’t get in the back?

Nate:    Calm down nigga, we going to get in, you all anxious and shit. You know them

            niggas are always late. They’re probably handling some business real quick.

 AJ:      Yeah I know. I just hate when they do that shit at the last minute.

Shan:    You talking about making money! It ain’t never the wrong time to be doing that baby boy.

AJ:       So that’s what you call making money?

Shan:    Hell yeah! AJ, you need to hop on the money train and stop bullshitting.

AJ:       Nigga, ya’ll can’t even spend too much of that money without staying off the

radar. Fuck that shit! I’m trying to do this shit legit and I’m trying to take ya’ll

ignorant mother fuckers with me. This music thing is our key out of this mother fucker.

Shan:    Whatever nigga, we ain’t even good. We just doing this shit because you our


AJ:       What up Tone Low, what up Silky T! Ya’ll niggas following behind Shan like

she ya’ll queen or some shit. She ain’t shit.

Silky:    Oh, you got jokes!

AJ:       I’m just fucking with ya’ll.

Tone:    Ya’ll ready to hit this club up?

Silky:    Hell Yeah! Nate you got that dro?

Nate:    Shhit, what you think? T, I got that shit that will have you fucking fat bitches in

            no time.

Silky:    Don’t play with me boy! I don’t do that lesbian shit.

Shan:    Shit, I do! Nate, pass me that shit.

Silky:    We know your nasty ass do.

Group:  LOL!

Nate:    Here you go Shan, with you crazy ass.

Shan:    I know you like this ass nigga. Shit, if I get high enough, I might let you taste this


Nate:    Word!

AJ:       Nate don’t believe that shit! Shan’s been teasing your ass for years.

Tone:    Yeah, you know Shan don’t like dick.

Shan:     Nawl Tone Low, It’s not that I don’t like dick. There’s only one dick I want.

Silky:     Come on ya’ll stop fucking around, we going to miss the bus.

AJ:         Shit! You right T.

Shan:     Hey Tone Low, run ahead and hold that bus for us.

Tone:     alright Shan.

AJ:        Ya’ll need to hurry up!

Shan:     ah shit! He caught the bus. I was just trying to send him off on a

              dummy mission.

Group:   LOL!

Silky:     That’s fucked up Shan.

AJ:         alright ya’ll! We going to be there in thirty minutes, ya’ll ready?

Shan:      We got this baby boy.

Nate:       Yeah AJ, we ready! What you worried about?

Silky:      Nate, you can’t say nothing! Last time you got clowned on that stage.

Tone:      LOL!

Nate:       Damn dude! It wasn’t that funny. Damn Silky-T, why you got to put me out there like

               like that!

AJ:           She’s right Nate. Last time T-Smooth clowned your ass but you ain’t got to

                worry about that; tonight is open mic. We just going to sit back in the cut and

                if T-Smooth want to battle I’ll handle that bitch myself. But fuck all of that shit,

                tonight I need ya’ll to be focus. Shan and Tone Low, I’m talking to ya’ll mostly.

Shan:    What the fuck you talking about baby boy.

Tone:    Yeah!

AJ:        Ya’ll know what I’m talking about! Them side bets ya’ll two be having between

each other. Trying to see who can get the most hoes.

Shan:    AJ, as long as this dumb ass nigga thinks he’s got more game then me; I’m going

to keep taking his money.

Tone:    Hold up! Last time I won the bet.

Shan:    That shit don’t count! That bitch was cock eyed.

Tone:    Alright then, tonight I got this.

Silky:    Tone Low don’t play yourself, Shan then turned out more hoes than “the Mack”.

Nigga if ya’ll at the same party you ain’t getting laid.

Group:  LOL

Tone:    Aw shit, Silky-T you got jokes now?

Silky:    I’m just telling it like it is play boy.

Nate:    That shit do be funny though. All them hoes coming to the club looking for

niggas and leaving out diking. Tone Low you got to respect the game.

Tone:    Nigga I don’t ever see you pulling a hoe.

Nate:    Nigga that’s because your head be down after Shan get done whooping your ass.

AJ:       Damn nigga, now Nate clowning your ass.

Tone:    Man, fuck ya’ll!

Group:  LOL!

AJ:       But seriously ya’ll, we need to get our heads right. Hey Nate pass that shit.


Silky:    Nigga, how you going to tell us to get focused and you getting blazed?

AJ:            Shit!……Sweeee….. That’s how I get focused.

Group:  Lol.

Driver:   Hey you kids can’t be smoking on the bus!

Nate:    Man, fuck you Hakmen looking mother fucker. Just drive the bus Aladin. Fly this magic

            carpet bitch.

Group:  Lol!

Driver:   Fucking kids

Shan:    We heard that! Yeah keep talking shit Hakmen. We were going to let you hit this

shit, but you then fucked that up.

Group:  Lol!

AJ:       Ya’ll mother fuckers crazy as hell.

Nate:    How long is Clay going to be on the door.

AJ:       Aw, we good!  He’s going to be at the door until twelve.

Shan:    Damn nigga, you got us rushing and shit and we early!

AJ:       I’m just trying to get on some hoes.

Group:  Lol!

Silky:    My nigga! Gotta get focus huh?

AJ:       That’s right Silky T; you know how I do it.

Shan:    Yeah you like them scanky.

AJ:       Don’t hate Shan. Shit, if you girl it up a little, I might let you enjoy the


Shan:    Awl Shit! Let me go get a dress!

Group:  Lol!

Silky:    Ya’ll two just need to fuck and get it over with.

AJ:       Fuck that shit. We at the Dan Ryan lets try and catch that train.

Shan:    Yeah you right, hey Tone Low run and catch that train.

Tone:    Fuck you!

Group:  Lol!

Shan:    I think he caught on.

Nate:    Woe, woe, woe, WOE! Fellas check home girl out.

Group:  Damn!

Nate:    She’s going into the third car.

AJ:       This is all me.

Tone:    Alright AJ, you got it.


Shit! I hate spitting game with my peoples looking but this girl is to fine to be shy.


AJ:       Excuse me, do you mind if I sit down?

Train girl:            What’s wrong with them other seats?

AJ:       I like the view better over here.

Train girl:            (smiling and laughing low)

AJ:       You have a pretty smile.

Train girl:            Thank you. You can sit here if you want.

AJ:       Thank you. My name is Adam but my friends call me AJ.

Train girl:            My name is Sharese. I don’t really have a nickname.

AJ:       Well you know what; I’m going call you Princess, since you over here glowing

and shit.

Princess:            (smiling and laughing low)

AJ:       There’s that smile I like. Do you have a man?

Princess:            No, I don’t really have time for boys.

AJ:       That’s cool. That means you got time for a man like me.

Princess:            (smiling)

AJ:       Well Princess I hate to leave that beautiful smile but this is my stop coming up.

            I don’t want to miss out on something that could be special. So if it’s ok with you

            want to give my card with my cell number on it and if your interested I hope you

            use that number. You have a good night Princess.

Princess:            Bye Adam.


It’s something about that girl. She fine as that thing but something else is

me to her.


Tone:    Check out my boy! Now that’s what I’m talking about AJ. Did ya’ll see how he

            dropped that card on baby girl?! Don muther fucking Wound, my nigga.

AJ:       That’s just what I do.

Shan:    What, getting chicken heads?

AJ:       Don’t hate Shan, you know that girl is a ten.

Shan:    Yeah, well I bet you blow it.

AJ:       come on Shan, you got to give me more credit then that. I ain’t Tone Low.

Group:  Lol!

Tone:    aw, you got jokes now, watch me pull better tonight.

Silky:   Yeah right! AJ I got to give it to you, that girl was better than the girls you

usually mess with.

AJ:       Thanks T!

Silky:    Now don’t get sprung on this girl.

AJ:       Shhiiit! Never going to happen. I don’t see Clay at the door.

Shan:    Knock on the door, he might be still there.

            Knock! Knock! Knock! …………….


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Cold Front sneak peak” rel=”me”>Technorati Profile

The Cold Front




Joshua A. Johnson



            Living from day to day is a bitch. But you already knew that. My name is Adam Johnson but everybody calls me AJ. I don’t really like to many people calling me Adam but I guess it helps if you know what AJ stands for. My life has been filled with a jungle of vines, trying to stop me from making it to the top. Lies, deceit, betrayal, lust, vengeance, and violence. All vines in this cold hearted city we call the Chi. Now my life is full of this shit and this story would take along time if I tell it all, so I’m just going to start where this shit got me twisted up in the game. I’m gone to tell you how my rise to power all started.


Ever since I was born I was always known as Big Jay’s little brother, but that all changed in one year. At the beginning of my senior year in high school I ran with a few different crews but there was only one people remember me for. “The Cold Front Soldiers”. Every time something jumped off in the neighborhood we were most likely involved. We started off as a small time crew, with me as one of the founders as well as five of my best friends. It was me, my home girl Shan, everybody called her Sugar Shan on account of her lesbian tendencies, plus she sold the sweetest shit in town and because she had a phat ass. Then there’s Tee, everybody calls her Silky T, because she’s the smoothest bitch around! She can talk a mother fucker into buying her an outfit, some shoes, giving her money, and have that nigga asking to barrow his car from her. I saw her do that shit once. Then there’s Tone Low, and shit, that’s just what we call him. I got to give it to my boy. This man gets more pussy then Hew Heffner. This mother fucker be having these bitches on the low just making videotape and shit. He’s talking about making his own version of “Girls Gone Wild”. He’s going to call his version “Bitches Stay Wild”.  The fifth person in our crew is Nate but everybody on the set calls him Nate Dogg. This nigga is a straight up G. Between him and Shan, them two mother fuckers get us into the most shit. This nigga always smoking some weed! This nigga stay high, but out of all the people in the crew he would be my right hand man. The sixth and final nigga in the crew is my cousin Clay, but some niggas call him Cashes, on the account that this nigga is always dress to impress. This mother fucker only shops at Express, and other high in stores but don’t let the clothes fool you. His name stands for more than just the way he dress. He used to be a boxer. This nigga knocked out more people than the Chicago police. This was a real diverse crew with Shan and I as the head of the pack.” rel=”me”>Technorati Profile

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